My work is inspired with the manipulation and relationship between materials taken from everyday life. The combination of those taken from the domestic such as paper, wax, wallpaper, fabric and those from the construction, such as pins, nails, plaster, concrete. The combination of these materials create a relationship and meaning. My art work is feminine, sensual, intriguing and ambiguous. Working in 3D and relief my art works are installations relating to space and aesthetics. The nails piercing the wallpaper creates is disturbing but at the same time has an interesting beauty to it. I am questioning the dichotomy of strength and fragility, of gender and identity, the relation of power. I work using the traditional methods and processes of casting and modeling, also questioning the traditional method for each material, taking it from the expected and creating an unexpected. My work can be placed in history along with the Post Minimalists. The installations have tactile surfaces, simple beauty and there is often a repetition. The body reflects the mind which reflects the world.